Low Stress Jobs After Retirement
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Top 8 Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

If you are searching for “low stress jobs after retirement“, we have 8 positions perfect for you!

1. Career Coach

There is no question that the younger generations will seek guidance when it comes to their career paths. Consider the idea of helping those younger than you by becoming a career coach. You may have seen/done it all during your working days, so it’s time to pass on some of that invaluable knowledge. Online video platforms such as Skype and Zoom have recently become great tools for both the coach and student. This means career coaching can easily be performed from the comfort of your own home. You can critique and edit resumes, while offering interview tips, as well.

2. Writer/Editor

This is the ideal position for any retiree with previous writing experience. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a background in writing, though. For many looking to get a foot in the door, there are various blogging or part-time positions available. Online bloggers, of course, are always in demand. Some of these jobs may be unpaid in the beginning, but they can provide valuable experience in the industry. If you already have a writing background, this could be a very profitable side hobby.

3. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Animal lovers rejoice! There are many ways you can get more dogs/cats in your life. Dog walking is a service more and more busy adults are requesting. In addition to interacting with some lovable pets, this is a terrific way to get some exercise during the day. When owners are away on trips, you can offer your services to spend the night(s) with the pets. Check out the many apps available that make this service a one-step process.

4. Tutoring

Perhaps career coaching isn’t right for you, yet you’d still like to pass on some knowledge. Try tutoring students in need of some extra help. Private tutoring can be done in your own home, the student’s home or even a public library. Many parents are looking for these services nowadays. It’s great way to earn some extra cash while developing relationships, at the same time.


5. Data Entry

If you are seeking a work-from-home opportunity, it’s hard to find a better gig than data entry positions. Data Entry is perfect for those who would rather not talk on the phone all day, such as a customer service representative. Those applying for data entry positions will need a few things in order to qualify for the job. You must own a computer and be tech-savvy. Of course, you can always tests your skills by taking typing classes online.

6. Tour Guide

There is nothing stressful about working as a tour guide during retirement. In most cases you’ll be dealing with customers just looking for a fun and relaxing adventure. If you are looking for flexible hours, this may be your best bet, as well. Most tours will run during certain seasons and on weekends/evenings. This is a great position for those currently living in an area that entertains a lot of tourists.

7. Customer Service

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a large majority of these positions became remote. This is great if you are looking to stay in your home during the day. Most customer service roles will involve answering calls, emails or engaging in chats. There will be a few requirements for applicants, including having access to high-speed internet and a landline telephone.

8. Musician

Anyone with music talent or simply a love for performing, should see what kind of paying options there are for musicians. Is there a band full of retirees seeking a bass player or even a restaurant looking for a quiet piano player to set the mood? The pay might not be great, but the joy of playing an instrument may be enough for retirees looking to share their talents.

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