What is Aphasia
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What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is an ailment that impacts how you communicate. It can affect your speech, in addition to the way you write and comprehend both written and spoken language.

Aphasia typically happens suddenly following a stroke or a brain trauma. However, it can also come little by little from a slow-advancing brain tumor or a disease that causes gradual, constant damage (degenerative). The seriousness of aphasia is subject to several things, including the cause and the degree of the brain damage.

The primary treatments for aphasia includes treating the condition that is the cause of it, in addition to speech and language therapies. The individual with aphasia re-learns and forms language skills and learns to use other ways of communicating. Relatives usually participate in the process, helping the individual communicate.

Symptoms of Aphasia

Aphasia is an indication of some other ailment, like a brain tumor or a stroke.

An individual with aphasia may:

  • Speak in sentences that make no sense
  • Speak unrecognizable words
  • Have challenges finding words
  • Not understanding other people’s conversation
  • Aphasia is a indication of some other ailment, like a stroke or a brain tumor
  • An individual with aphasia may:
  • Replace one word for another and/ or one sound for another
  • Speak in brief or partial sentences
  • Not understanding what they’ve read
  • Write sentences that are un-comprehendible

Aphasia Patterns

Individuals with aphasia might have various advantages and drawbacks in their speech patterns. Often these patterns are interpreted as various types of aphasia, including:

  • Global
  • Wernicke
  • Conduction
  • Broca’s
  • Transcortical
  • Mixed

These patterns relate how well the individual can comprehend what other individuals say. They also relate how easy it is for the individual to speak or to properly repeat what somebody else says.

Aphasia might progress slowly over time. When that occurs, the aphasia might be branded with one of the below names:

  • Semantic aphasia
  • Agrammatism
  • Logopenic aphasia

A lot of individuals with aphasia have patterns of speech challenges that don’t match these kinds. It may help to think that each individual with aphasia has distinct symptoms, advantages and drawback instead of attempting to brand a particular kind of aphasia.

When to Go to a Doctor

Since aphasia is typically an indication of a serious issue, like a stroke, look for emergency medical care when you or a loved one suddenly develops:

  • Challenges speaking
  • Trouble comprehending speech
  • Challenges with word recall
  • Issues with writing or reading

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