What is Dementia
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What is Dementia?

Dementia is the drop of cognitive functions — recalling, thinking, and reasoning — to such a level that it impedes an individual’s daily life and activities. Many individuals that have dementia are unable to keep their emotions in check, and their personalities might change. Dementia ranges in harshness from the slightest stages, as it is just outset to affect an individual’s awareness, to the most extreme stage, when the individual is required to completely entrust on others for basic activities of daily living, such as dressing themselves.

Dementia has an affect on millions of people across the world and is more common as people age (a 1/3rd of all individuals aged 85 plus may have some sort of dementia) but it is not a regular part of aging. Many individuals live well into their 90’s and beyond lacking any indications of dementia.

There are many various types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, probably the most common.

What are some indications and symptoms of dementia?

The indications and symptoms related to dementia take place when once healthy neurons in the brain stop working, lose touch with other brain cells, and breakdown. Whereas everyone loses some neurons as they age, people suffering from dementia go through a much greater loss.

The indications and symptoms can deviate subject to the kind of dementia and could include:

  • Facing memory loss, judgment errors, and confusion
  • Difficulty speaking, understanding and conveying thoughts, or reading and writing
  • Wandering and getting lost in familiar neighborhood
  • Difficulty dealing with money dependably and paying bills on time
  • Repeated questioning
  • Using unorthodox words to refer to common objects
  • Taking longer to finish general daily tasks
  • Growing bored of normal daily events or activities
  • Hallucinating or experiencing mirages or acts of paranoia
  • Behaving erratically
  • Uninterested in other people’s feelings
  • Falling down and difficulty getting around

Individuals with mental and/ or developmental disability can also progress in dementia as they age, and in these situations, acknowledging their symptoms can be especially challenging. It’s crucial to consider an individual’s abilities now, and to keep a sharp lookout for changes eventually that might be a sign of dementia.

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