How Much Does A Wheelchair Weigh
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How Much Does A Wheelchair Weigh?

On average, a manual wheelchair weighs between 15-60 lbs. Power wheelchairs can weigh anywhere from 50-250 lbs.

Why Wheelchair Weight Matters

Wheelchair weight is ultimately used to determine how well you will be able to push and maneuver them. It’s recommended to take into account your lifestyle, how you plan to use the selected wheelchair and whether or not you will be transporting it. Each type of wheelchair will feature differing weight and dimensions. Let’s look at details below.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

  • Lightweight wheelchairs are designed specifically for lifting and moving.
  • Typically, these wheelchairs are quite easy to lift, push and self-propel.
  • The more lightweight the chair is, the higher the price tag will be.
  • They come with either rigid or folding frames.
  • Folding frames are mostly used by senior citizens.
  • Rigid frames are ideal for individuals who self-propel throughout the day.

Average Weight: 15-35 lbs.

Transport Wheelchairs

  • These wheelchairs feature smaller wheels than the other models.
  • Transport wheelchairs are often used on trips to the park, for example.
  • Due to its smaller wheels, it cannot be self-propelled.

Average Weight: 15-30 lbs.

Standard Manual Wheelchairs

  • You are most likely to see these wheelchairs in an airport or hospital setting.
  • These are heavier than most expect since they are designed for commercial use.
  • Refrain from using standard wheelchairs when planning to self-propel for long distances.

Average Weight: 35-40 lbs.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

  • Heavy duty wheelchairs were created for individuals weighing over 300 lbs.
  • A wheelchair ramp is needed when lifting the chair into a vehicle.

Average Weight: 40-60 lbs.

Power Wheelchairs

  • Power wheelchairs can reach up to 8 mph due to the use of an electric motor.
  • These wheelchairs can drive anywhere from 7-20 miles.

Average Weight: 50-250 lbs.

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